Darwin Psychology Services



As Psychologists we are required to maintain client confidentiality. Clients need to be aware that we are, however mandated to report to regulating authorities if there is a reasonable belief that a client will harm either themselves or others. Psychologists and other health practitioners are also mandated to report child abuse and domestic violence. Psychologists may also be subpoenaed to court to provide files of evidence. We will discuss these issues with you before any report is made to other agencies.

Evidence Based Therapy

The staff at Darwin Psychology Services have made a commitment to providing evidence based therapy. This means that the techniques used are supported by current psychological research and evidence. Types of therapy used at Darwin Psychology Services include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rational Emotional Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (mindfulness) Family Therapy, Couples Therapy as well as Narrative Therapy. For children we have a play room where art and play is incorporated into therapy, particularly for children who have experienced trauma.

Expectations of Therapy

Every day, many people access therapy for a range of different reasons. Whatever the reason, there is usually an expectation that therapy will help your situation and improve your current functioning. It is however important to know that sometimes those expectations may not be met. Whether it’s because you are not quite ready to talk about the issue, whether you feel you are being forced to confront a problem or whether you were not able to build a solid relationship with the therapist, sometimes you may feel that therapy is not right for you. If this happens for you, it is important you talk about this with your psychologist. At Darwin Psychology Services we are interested in working with you at your pace. This may vary from time to time depending on many factors in your life. We will work with you collaboratively to ensure that you achieve the best outcomes for you.